Background Feature

Story Synopsis

Sara Cassidy has her life all mapped out. Already in possession of the job of her dreams she must now concentrate on acquiring house, marriage and kids, though not necessarily in that order. Sara is a television producer constantly juggling several storylines for her weekly feature programme. She lives with her two best friends, both successful women – one in teaching, one a complementary therapist – and has a long-term boyfriend, Charlie, with whom she is expecting to buy that elusive property.

But Charlie is very reluctant, for reasons he can’t, or won’t articulate, and as he becomes more evasive, Sara pushes for an answer. But her future plans are thrown into disarray when the reasons for Charlie’s commitment-phobia are revealed.

Sara is still recovering from his betrayal when one of her friends is involved in a freak accident. There’s a lot of media coverage and Sara becomes disillusioned with her profession.  But does she have the heart to start again?

© 2015


One thought on “Background Feature

  1. Intriguing! I have immediately been drawn to Bill, wanting to find out what it is that Sara has learned about him. Sara appears to be a young lady whose life is about to be turned upside down and I have been left wondering exactly what bombshell Charlie is about to drop and whether her shoulder to cry on, AJ, will be as sincere as he seems…? Want to know more!! This has really drawn me in and set the scene for what promises to be a fascinating read.

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