No News is Good News

Story Synopsis

Four years ago, Eleanor Wragby was expecting a marriage proposal and was devastated when her boyfriend Daniel Hardwick rejected her without explanation. Now aged 31 she believes she has moved on and is enjoying life as Planning Editor at UK24, a rolling news TV channel.

But when Daniel returns accompanied by a surprising fiancée, Eleanor is thrown into turmoil and is once again forced to adjust her expectations. Determined to put the negativity behind her she throws herself into her work in the UK24 newsroom, where the summer Silly Season offers a welcome distraction. Rolling news is insatiable and fresh material is scarce. Everyone is chasing leads for the next big story and Eleanor’s investigative talents are being stretched.

An unusual storyline leads her into a reckless romance and a labyrinth of lies and deceit which threatens her job and her reputation. Eleanor turns to Daniel for advice, but just when it looks as if their relationship will be rekindled, fate delivers another dramatic blow.

NNIGN cover

No News is Good News


© 2014


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