Kick-starting the Imagination








I know where I’ve gone wrong – the starter wasn’t active enough (I know just how it feels). Bear with me, though; this does have a correlation of sorts with the writing process. I’m attempting to make sourdough bread and this mini disaster has got me thinking about the similarities between baking and writing. I’m not an experienced or intuitive bread maker and I’ve never made sourdough before.The first thing I need is some ‘starter’. And this is where the comparison with writing comes in. As with sourdough, writing can also benefit from the addition of a starter that we’ve already got on the shelf – in the form of ready-made plot ideas. As I kneaded the dough I mentally listed a selection of plot devices and strategies to kick-start my imagination and help my creative writing. Some are quite specific, others more general, but all these scenarios can be played out in various ways – how you do it is up to you.

• Sole witness to a crime
• Accidental death of a loved one/ employer
• Life changing accident / illness
• Unexplained disappearance of a loved one
• Chance encounter with a person from the past
• Disagreement with one person or a group of people
• New job / moving to new house
• Lottery win or unexpected inheritance
• Revelation after the death of a loved one / detested relative
• Appearance of stranger at a funeral / wedding
• Victim of a crime – recent or years ago
• Living a lie – why the deceit?
• Random act of kindness
• Mistaken identity – very Shakespearean.
• Misunderstanding – the possibilities are endless

I’ll be back next week with an update on the sourdough situation and some more writing tips. Watch this space.


1 thought on “Kick-starting the Imagination

  1. Those are all great kick-starters. After a chance encounter with someone at a reception in DC last year, I think a new story has been simmering in the back of my brain. 🙂

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