Day Eight

Word Count: 15,576

Thought for the day:- Procrastination is the thief of time…. surely it must be time for another cup of tea and a biscuit?

Fell behind slightly with the daily total today – work does tend to get in the way of this enterprise – but I’m not losing heart. I’m still ahead of the game and it’s not all bad news. I’ve discovered a colleague who’s also signed on for this mad caper, so I now have a real person to compare word counts with. Will we get competitive? Watch this space.


1 thought on “Day Eight

  1. Hi Maggiecam – found you at last! I know what you mean about procrastination – I made a photoframe out of cardboard boxes today as a work avoidance tactic. I must admit doing something a bit creative/crafty is quite good for stress relief. Lots of tea also a good diversion. Personally I think an element of competition might be a good thing, striving against yourself is really hard, striving against someone else is probably a bit easier.

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