Great expectations

My first novel is finished; I’ve brushed its hair and straightened its clothes in preparation and now it’s as ready as it will ever be. I’d like to get it published, so these are the necessary first steps, but why am I so reluctant to pat its bottom and send it out into the world?

The need to examine it one more time, to substitute a better turn of phrase or rewrite that clumsy paragraph yet again, is almost overwhelming. It threatens to ruin the whole; I must release my grasp and let it fly.

The novel is entitled ‘The Silly Season’.  Click on the tab to read the synopsis and some extracts.


6 thoughts on “Great expectations

  1. One day, hopefully, I would write a novel too, but for now I cannot seem to stick to one story. Anyway, I love the way you use language. I wish I could do the same.

  2. It takes courage to send that “child” into the world. But no matter the outcome, you will be a better writer for it. Prepare for the next steps with as much care as you did for the writing. And then take the leap.

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