A Bit of Light Relief

There’s humour all around us, if we pay attention, and comedic value in many everyday situations. It’s just a case of looking for it.

A few years ago my doctor advised a surgical investigation. Nothing drastic, but it fell into the ‘one of those things I’d rather not do, thanks very much’ category. I was persuaded that it would be a good idea and I agreed.

Months went by and I’d almost forgotten about it, until one day a letter arrived with an appointment date. Accompanying the letter was an industrial quantity of laxatives and some reassuring words. Hmm.

The day eventually came and my long-suffering partner drove me to the Day Procedures department of our local hospital. I was speechless with terror throughout the journey.

The waiting room was filled to capacity with men and women of all ages wearing an array of inappropriate nightwear and (in most cases) outdoor shoes. The letter had asked patients to bring a robe of some description, but some of the women had taken this simple instruction one step further, and were also sporting matching fluffy mules or bedroom slippers.

Now I know this is a serious business, but the effect was very amusing. A bunch of unrelated people sitting around, studiously avoiding conversation, and looking as if they were ready for bed… almost, was enough to get me hunting for my notebook. The scene was a gift for the creative writer and my trepidation was forgotten for seconds at a time as I scribbled frantically.

When my turn came I was given a tranquiliser that would fell a horse and suddenly, I didn’t have a care in the world.

Doctor: ‘Cut you head off now, Ms Cammiss?’

Me: ‘Whenever you’re ready, doctor. Thank you.’

The procedure involved… well, I don’t think we need to go into details here. Suffice to say it was painless and the results were negative, but in a good way. I watched the whole thing on a video screen (the camera was tiny) and the journey home was, shall we say, musical. You’ll have to use your imagination.


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