Good News

So much for promising to post regularly…. Almost nineteen months of nothing. I apologise. I should be ashamed of myself. But I’m not, because while I’ve been away something truly amazing has happened – I’ve landed a publisher. Yes, my first novel, now entitled ‘Running on the Spot’ has been taken on by Accent Press and is scheduled for a December release.

As you can imagine, I am very excited. I can’t quite believe it – I’m walking round with a silly grin on my face all the time. I’m usually quite reticent, not really into self-publicity, but I’m rapidly turning into the sort of person other people cross the street to avoid; the one who waits impatiently for a suitable gap in a conversation so I can drop in my completely irrelevant good news. I even collar complete strangers in the supermarket queue to share it with them. I made that last bit up, but you get the picture.

The novel, you might recall, was originally titled ‘The Silly Season’. It’s undergone several redrafts and rewrites since I first started (it feels like I’ve been living and breathing this story for decades), including a different title and a whole new set of character names, but the plot remains substantially the same – you can read a short synopsis here:
I’m a complete novice at this promotion lark but I think the first thing I need to do is change the name of this blog to my writing name, so I’m easier to find.  So I’ll be at from now on, if I can get the technology to work.


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