Photo Opportunity

Contracts have been signed, now we get down to the knotty business of profile building. First, though, the lovely people at Accent Press asked for a recent photograph. Oh God. The last time I willingly posed for a photograph was back in 1989, for my security pass at Sky News. So last century.
I hate having my photograph taken so much that I seriously considered sending a picture of someone else: one of my younger sisters; a total stranger; a long-dead film star posing dramatically in black and white. But I had to face my demons and bite the bullet. The ever-suffering Nick was prevailed upon to take a few informal snaps, but they were never going to cut the professional mustard, so I asked a photographer friend if she would mind doing the honours.

I’m no good at makeup, so I was all set to take Jane Wenham-Jones’ advice, and request the services of one of those scarey orange ladies in white coats who haunt the cosmetics counter of my local department store, when another friend offered to transform my face.
Now, I used to work in television, so I know that a thick layer of foundation, some rather robust bronzer and caterpillar-like mascara looks great on camera but I really wasn’t prepared for the hallucination that confronted me in the bathroom mirror. With my usually well-behaved hair looking like a badly fitting wig and my face sporting enough slap to ice a birthday cake, I hardly recognised the person staring back at me.
Still, it was beautiful day and Natasha at Run2online put me at my ease straight away. The best photographers snap their nervous and unwilling subjects when they’re unaware, unposed and looking very natural. Nat did an excellent job with unpromising material – pity I just can’t do a sexy pout.


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