Positive Outcomes

I’ve never been one for New Year resolutions that involve any sort of deprivation. So I don’t resolve to lose weight, drink less alcohol or give up eating chocolate. I much prefer positive resolutions – those that require some action or input on my part – so I might decide to take more exercise or adopt a healthier lifestyle, or, more usually, read and write more.

To be successful, my resolutions need to enhance life rather than introduce an element of misery that I know, even before I embark on it, I won’t be able to sustain.

In 2013, I am resolving to look again at my first novel, The Silly Season, to see what changes are required to make it better; to get some help editing properly then formatting it with the aim of self publishing. I’ll report regularly with progress updates and hopefully advice about the pitfalls of this endeavour.

Whilst this is going on, some of us in the writing group will be experimenting with suitable stories to be presented to the adult literacy group in our local prison. And in the background to all this is the ongoing planning of novel number 3, working title, Middle Age Spread. There’s still some way to go with this WIP, and I can’t settle down to start writing it yet, but whilst my brain gets on with the finer details, I’ll be developing the plot, exploring the characters and writing some key scenes, which I will post from time to time.

So, lots to look forward to in the months ahead. In the meantime, here’s a seasonal reminder about our writing life:

H            Humour – don’t lose your sense of it

A             Apostrophes – know how to use them

P             Point of view – choose one and stick to it

P            Punctuation – you know it makes sense

Y             Yesterday – the past is another country, but it makes fine stories


N            Never give up

E             Epistolary novels – love ‘em

W           Write every day, it’s the only way


           Yarns – spin them, it’s our job

E             Edit, edit, edit

A             Active v passive – active wins hands down

R             Read widely, frequently and often



6 thoughts on “Positive Outcomes

  1. What a clever way to mark the New Year! I’m with you on the action-oriented resolutions, and I have one in mind for 2013 on the writing front. May the year bring us the inspiration and drive to get our stories out into the world.

  2. I agree whole-heartedly with you. Why set yourself up to be miserable by denying yourself something that you enjoy. Might as well say; ‘I resolve to give up writing’. Never!
    Instead, look ahead to the coming year and set yourself waypoints – markers whereby you will achieve something by a certain date. March 31st? One quarter through the year and a good time to achieve that next draft.

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